Fixing the Sedentary Lifestyle

1. Sedentary lifestyle of a Software Developer will cause big time health problems in future if appropriate actions are not taken. Also it’s like a slow poison or if you like occupational hazard, so bad affects will be visible very subtly and after a long time

2. Actions to be taken :

  • Follow Ergonomics
  • Balanced Diet
  • Exercise (or any kind of physical activity)

3. Ergonomics

  • Stuff you should invest in

– An ergonomic chair.  (If your organization is not willing to buy one for you, buy your own. / If they don’t allow you to buy and bring your own chair, explain them about your future back problem ) or at least buy a decent backrest like this one

– An ergonomic keyboard and mouse like this one

  • Pay attention to symptoms; that wrist pain may be sign for Carpal tunnel Syndrome or slight neck / back pain needs to be checked by a doctor

4. Apart from ergonomics, Diet is I say 90% responsible for your physical well being. Also with our busy lifestyle regular exercise is hard, so Diet is the key and should be controlled and balanced.

5. A healthy body weight in a nutshell depends on Calorie Intake = Calorie Burned. Also With exercise only a very small portion of your daily calorie intake can be burned. For Example: Running for One Hour continuously will burn only 500 calories, however one ice-cream is equal to 500 calories. (this is just an approx. calculation). So limiting the calorie intake is The Key.

6. This can be only done by avoiding or totally stopping food indulgences like Ice Creams , Sweets, Greasy Curries , Fast Food etc. & by Limiting your calorie intake during breakfast, lunch and dinner

7. There is a difference between Hunger (body) and Physiological need for Food (mind) like when you are depressed, you want to take a break and eat out or when you are tensed you want to have cup of tea or coffee which has sugar.

8. On the other hand, Exercise helps to have a toned , strong body and fresh mind. But while exercise do not push yourself too much or you can hurt yourself especially for lifting weights. Mantras like “No Pain No Gain” is for professional athletes not for professional software developers

9. Every food intake for Non-Hunger Reasons(body) like clearing leftovers , over eating at restaurants , over eating at special occasions increases weight and reduces fitness.

10. Weight measured is usually not accurate as you don’t know how much water is in your body and you can’t measure daily how much fat you have. Only way is to monitor your average weight over a period of time.

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