Linux is Friend

Not so long ago most computers in the world were running on windows OS, however now most of them run on Android(based on Linux). With mobile becoming de facto computing platform, desktop computing is slowly becoming a niche for professional or specific use cases. This in turn has led to the rise of cloud computing, machine learning, mobile apps and JavaScript SPA frameworks and on the other hand windows desktop applications are out of the lime light.

As an effect, organizations are making lot of investments in the above technologies and lot less in desktop applications. Considering all this even Microsoft has embraced open source whole heartedly.

This has led to less opportunities in .net stack and is not good news for .net software developers.  Also an average .net developer is typically less familiar with opens source ecosystem. However now is the time to level up in the above technologies and since open source is rooted in Linux OS it’s a good to have friendship with Linux.

To give some idea, Linux as such is a Unix like operating system available in many flavours (distros), even the desktop environment on Ubuntu (a major distros) can be in two flavours GNOME or Unity. Its important to note that Linux servers in most cases run without a desktop environments, so a good command on CLI in imperative. A great first step or refresher for Linux is this resource.

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