Be A Better Software Developer : What every Software Developer should always Remember

Sometime back I stubled upon this old article, which in my view summarizes the world of software development very nicely. I highly recommend visiting this link

What every Software Developer should always Remember

Be A Better Software Developer : Have a better Office Desk

The quality of your work space / desk talks a lot about who you are. It goes without saying that its wise to invest some money / energy to improve our workspace. I fought for quite a some time with higher ups to get a second monitor. Once that was done, I invested around 5K to get a decent set of ergonomic wireless keyboard & mouse. This has helped to increase productivity  & lifts the mood. Below are some screen grabs of my desk:

Be A Better Software Developer : Get Inspired From The Saints

Be InspiredTo become a better software developers, its of prime importance that we learn from the saints of software development and absorb the great knowledge they emit. These ‘Saints’ continuously acts as teachers and mentors and groom us to be better than what we were yesterday.

Over the course of my career as a Software Developer I have been immensely benefited and influenced by the experiences and thoughts expressed by these very nice people. I would like to immensely thank ‘Jeff Atwood’, ‘Joel Spolsky’, ‘Rands’ (not his real name), ‘Alan Skorkin’, ‘Dan Bergh Johnson’ for thier contributions towards the developer community.

The Knowledge from the “Saints” can be found at these blogs:

1. Coding Horror (Also check out the archives)

2. Joel On Software (Check out the posts in Reading list)

3. Rands In Repose

4. Skorks

5. Ux Design @ SmashingMagazine (good for UX & usability)

6. Letters To A Junior Programmer

7. The Daily WTF